A small introduction - Who is Intro VRZN

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A small introduction:

  • My name is Chuck but I go by the name Intro VRZN
  • I am a 44yr(as of early 2024) old Chicago native currently living with my wife in Panama City, Panama.
  • I have been a Reason user since V2 circa 2002 (single rack days and Propellerhead days.)
  • I’m more of a hobbyist as far as my music production but I’ve become a lover of tinkering with the many racks that I’ve purchased over the years.(and there are many :-))
  • I’m currently learning to play the piano in hopes of improving my knowledge of music theory and creation overall.
  • One day I hope to get over my fear of releasing music and put together an EP/Album and see what the world thinks of it.

This is my library of stuff I've made for the DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) Reason created by Reason Studios. Here's what you need to know:

  • All Reason Song Files, Device patches and Combinator Patches are made using Reason 12 as of 3/2024. You have to have this version of Reason Studios installed (or Reason+) in order to use these.
  • All the patches will work on both the Reason DAW and Reason Rack Plugin.
  • No paid VSTs will be used. All Patches, Combinators and Reason song files will include either:
  1. Reason Stock Devices
  2. Paid Reason Rack Extensions Ex: Complex-1, Algoritm, Objekt (Which will require either an additional purchase via the Reason Studios Shop or a current Reason+ Subscription.) This will be clearly stated in the description but kept to a minimum when possible.
  3. Free Rack Extensions (Which can be obtained via the Reason Shop) This will be clearly stated in the description.
  4. Free VSTs only if used(Ex: Valhalla Supermassive) This will be clearly stated in the description.

I have nothing against paid Rack Extensions or VSTs but I understand that some may not be in a position to spend extra money just to have a combinator or song file work as advertised when it requires 2+ paid racks extensions.. So my goal is to use as many stock and or free Rack Extensions as possible to keep my files as accessible to as many people as possible. So if I’m featuring a “For Pay” Rack Extension, like my first series featuring Complex-1, I will make sure to notate this clearly, and I try to make sure that I’m only featuring 1 single “For Pay” Rack Extension per combinator/song file.

I like sharing my weird ideas with the Reason Community (#reasongang) - which is why I’m offering my Reason Song Files, patches, combinators and audio files as "pay what you want". The many Reason song file bundles that I will be uploading here will allow you to get a more in depth look at how I put together some of my project ideas. If you find any of these items useful and/or inspiring, please consider donating to help keep this channel going by allowing me to feed my chocolate addiction, dark chocolate to be exact. (Unfortunately I don’t like coffee. I know - Horrible 🤣)You can donate in general, using the payment option on this page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via comment or DM on social media or directly at the below email address.

Thanks for your time and happy creating,

Intro VRZN


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A small introduction - Who is Intro VRZN

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